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Preseason thoughts

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Seattle might have the greatest amount of collective talent at the running back position with Marshawn Lynch, former Utah State standout Robert Turbin and rookie Christine Michael who pounded out 97 yards and one touchdown on only 11 carries in his preseason outing against Green Bay.

At some point I am obligated to mention UFA wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins’ 118 yard night against Detroit amidst a New England offense disguised as the keystone cops. All those free agent signings and the drafting of Aaron Dobson may not be as significant as the signing of rookie free agent Thompkins come November.  

In Jake Locker’s 13 attempts this week against Atlanta, he looked like an actual, starting NFL quarterback. Unlike the past two seasons.

For reasons unknown, Peyton Manning threw the football 34 times in his preseason outing against St. Louis. Peyton Manning. The man made out of cardboard was kept on the field for 34 passes in a preseason game. Maybe Denver should have tried harder to keep Mike McCoy in Denver if this represents the type of decision making the current coaching staff is making. This team isn’t going to intimidate with Brock Osweiler playing QB after Manning is lost because of an injury sustained in preseason.

If you can play quarterback, you might want to contact the Oakland Raiders, as their previously decided quarterback decision just became undecided as Matt Flynn completed 3 of 6 passes and threw two interceptions. Terrelle Pryor scored twice in his playing time. Terrelle Pryor, who left Ohio State early due to allegations of receiving improper benefits, completed less than half of his passes last year in his time at Oakland.

Green Bay’s running back situation became murkier in their contest against Seattle. Although Seattle’s run defense is considered elite, the two stud backs Green Bay took in the draft, Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin, (Lacy thought to be the favorite to win the starting job) combined for 12 carries and -4 yards. You read that right. Negative 4 yards. The Packer’s leading rusher was backup quarterback Vince Young, with 39 yards on 3 attempts.

Two preseason games went into overtime this week. Former Jets quarterback and current drunk hooligan Joe Namath proclaimed that preseason games should end as ties instead of going into overtime. I for one agree with him. With the preponderance of injuries this season, players should not be asked to put their career on the line going into overtime for a game that has no meaning. Dustin Keller and Dennis Pitta, two prominent tight ends for their teams, are already out for the year. Risking unnecessary injury to settle a meaningless contest serves no one.