Top free agent signings, do this, don’t do that

Posted: March 22, 2014 in Football, New entries
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Toby Gerhart – Jacksonville Jaguars RB

Jacksonville signed a starting caliber running back for under $4 million/year. The signing of Gerhart allows Jacksonville to focus on other areas of need in the draft (QB, DE, OLB, DB). Spending a fair but still affordable amount of money on a talented starter is the habit of a winning franchise.

Golden Tate – Detroit Lions WR

Detroit signed Tate to a $31 million contract over five years. Tate’s got excellent hands and admirable speed. He’s a solid breakout candidate on a Detroit offense that’s sorely needed a clear number two receiver for the past several seasons. Tate’s contract will look like a bargain if he can develop a rapport with Matthew Stafford.

James Jones – Oakland Raiders WR

Jones’ will quickly become the Raiders number one receiver regardless of who lines up at QB. Jones signed a three year, $11.3 million contract with Oakland. If Oakland ends up starting a veteran like Matt Schaub or a rookie like Derek Carr, they will be glad to have a wide receiver with a nose for the endzone like Jones.

Garrett Graham, Houston Texans TE

Graham stepped up in the absence of Owen Daniels and played tremendously well. Graham’s been rewarded with a three year, $11.5 million contract. Graham provides excellent value and talent at the position. Graham’s presence will be a major boon for whichever rookie Houston ends up drafting in May.

Hakeem Nicks, Indianapolis Colts WR

Nicks signed with the Colts for a one year, $3 million contract. If Nicks works out, Indianapolis can resign him to a longer contract to remain with the team. If he doesn’t they’ve only lost $3 million attempting to bolster their receiving corps.

Smart Free Agent Movers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers displayed patience and wisdom in free agency by cutting loose underperforming LT Donald Penn and signing a talented Anthony Collins to a reasonably priced long term contract. They also signed a quality Center in Evan-Dietrich Smith and an underrated TE in Brandon Myers. The importing of Josh McCown shows Lovie Smith is already preparing a strong roster for 2014.

Nonsmart Free Agent Movers

Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen are worried about getting fired next season so they’ve made a number of offseason moves to make sure it happens. After a number of questionable FA signings including an aging Justin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley, Antonio Smith and Donald Penn, the Raiders went the extra mile and traded a sixth round pick to Houston for the privilege of paying QB Matt Schaub $10.5 million to be a bad backup or a worse starter.

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