Is LeSean McCoy’s two year old son better than Tim Tebow at football?

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Football, New entries

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy asserted that he’d rather sign his two year old son to play football over embattled former QB Tim Tebow. Shady McCoy is one of the NFL’s elite runners and has an in depth knowledge of the game. Let’s take a look at what McCoy junior and Tim Tebow bring to the table so we can answer the one question everyone’s been thinking about: “Is Tim Tebow worse than a toddler at football?”


Tim Tebow 6’3″, 236 lbs.

Average two year old. 34.2 inches (just under 3 foot) and 31.1 lbs.

Tebow is a little over twice as tall as McCoy Jr. and about 7.6 times as heavy. Tebow clearly has more staying power than the toddler but the toddler has a much lower center of gravity making him a harder target to hit (think Warrick Dunn).

Results: Tebow, barely.

Passing accuracy:

Tim Tebow has a completion percentage of 47.9. That’s just under half of passes completed. Passing metrics for McCoy Jr. were unable to be found,

Results: inconclusive.

Locker room presence:

Tebow’s lauded for his positive locker room presence and humble, team-first attitude. Some players have expressed a distaste for his open expression of Christian faith.

McCoy Junior doesn’t form complete sentences and occasionally defecates his underpants. While a little high maintenance most players seem to like McCoy Junior and agree he’s worth the extra effort.

Results: McCoy jr.

Contract situation:

Tebow would likely play for the veteran minimum for a 26 year old QB. About $730k per season.

McCoy junior hasn’t hired an agent and has only demanded Cheez-its, apple juice and Riley Cooper’s smartphone for mouthing purposes. Total expenses: $2,000.00 per season.

Results: McCoy jr..

Despite his small stature, McCoy junior has a lot to offer an NFL team and seems to be a relative bargain at the position. With three solid years of conditioning, he can’t be any worse of a passer than Tebow was in the pros.

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