High school sports offer both lessons in work ethics and higher education opportunities

Posted: April 20, 2014 in New entries
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Sports scholarships can provide a path for high school students to pay for attendance at a University and a means of motivation for students who may lack other options.

The average cost of student debt (according to money.cnn.com) totals to $29,400.00 per student. That signifies an exorbitant weight laid on college grads entering a fiercely competitive job market that values work experience higher than educational achievements. Students who don’t qualify for scholarships predicated on high grade achievement or specific ethnic background have fewer options than their peers when it comes to ensuring they have a bright future. Despite the apparent challenge, student loans are not the only option.

There are over 400,000 NCAA Student athletes in the U.S., many of whom attend school on a partial or full scholarship because of their ability to compete in a sport, a large number of options for high school athletes entering higher education.

The skills learned in practicing and competing in a sport translate well to the classroom and most High Schools and Colleges require their students adhere to above average academic GPA standards to maintain their scholarship. Many students learn to work hard in the classroom, but some may find added motivation if their participation in a sport relies on their academic competence.

After I graduated High School the last thing I wanted to do was think about going to College, never mind think about what I would actually study. I lacked direction and motivation. Had I dedicated myself to a sport with the understanding of how it would impact the decade after my high school experience I would’ve had several more opportunities and a much brighter outlook on life in general.

Most teenagers don’t deeply concern themselves with a college payment strategy, but those who dedicate themselves to improving at a high school sport can position themselves with a significant advantage when graduation time comes.







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