Colin Kaepernick needs to step up in 2014 for the 49ers to win big.

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Football, New entries
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The 49ers starting QB recently commenced contract negotiations expecting big time money to go along with his big play potential. But for Kaepernick to earn his big time money, his big time potential has to turn into big time play. And that means Kaep has to show he can beat Seattle in San Francisco, in Seattle, and in the playoffs. Kaepernick threw six interceptions against the Seahawks in 2013. A quick look at last years’ games against Seattle reveal Kaepernick’s flaws.

13/28 127 Yards 0 TD 3 INT 9 carries 87 yards (Week 2 @ Seattle – Loss)

15/29 175 Yards 1 TD 1 INT 9 carries 31 yards (Week 14 @ Home – Win)

14/24 153 Yards 1 TD 2 INT 11 carries 130 yards (NFC Championship game @ Seattle – Loss)

The takeaway from these stats include Kaep’s need to reduce his turnovers. Kaep’s especially effective as a runner gashing Seattle’s elite defense for 248 yards on 29 breakaways total throughout the season. San Francisco doesn’t want their franchise passer running more than a couple times a game. Kaep has some new weapons this season that should allow him to get more done through the air instead of relying on his feet. Wide Receivers Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree are on board and (currently) healthy for 2014. The 49ers drafted speedy wide receiver Bruce Ellington out of South Carolina. At 5’9″, 196 lbs, Ellington has a sturdier build than most 5’9″ receivers which should enable him to drive for extra yards on critical third-down plays. The 49ers also sent out a 4th round pick for former Bills wideout Stevie Johnson. Johnson has struggled with drops in the past but should improve on his catching with more consistent QB play and in an offense with more than one good wide receiver.

The 49ers also have future hall of fame tight end Vernon Davis to draw defenders off of other receivers for Kaepernick.

Still, all those receivers won’t do San Francisco any good unless Kaepernick develops as a passer and stays in the pocket to make the disciplined read.

A more volatile and healthy receiving corps means Colin’s passing touchdowns should rise from a modest 21 from 2013 to a meatier 27-29 in 2014. If anyone can help the 49ers young super-QB take the next step, it’s 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh who helped Chiefs QB Alex Smith have a career year in 2011.

2014 could mean big things for Kaepernick as he’ll have to prove he can put up big time numbers and win big time games and ultimately bring San Francisco the NFL championship they’ve only been flirting with since 2011.

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