The Providence Steam Roller. New England’s first pro football team.

Posted: May 18, 2016 in Football, New entries, NFL

The year is 1928.

  • Charles Lindbergh was presented with the Medal of Honor for his first transatlantic flight.
  • Joseph Stalin announces the first ‘five-year plan’ resulting in the average non-farm  wage (for soviets) dropping by about half.
  • Fats Domino, Ariel Sharon, Jim Lovell, Ennio Morricone, Bo Diddley, Adam West, Eddie Fisher and several other celebrities were born.)
  • British inventor John Logie Baird demonstrates the world’s first colour television transmission.(All copied and pasted directly from

Who is the best team in American Professional Football in 1928? Why the Providence Steam Roller of course, finishing with an 8-1-2 record, only losing to the Frankford Yellow Jackets.

Established by writers for the Providence Journal, the Steam Roller were an independent team until the ’30s when they became part of the National Football league.


Although the logo may look like the prince of darkness, the Steam Roller mascot was a husky.


The Steam Roller finished the season 8-1-2, whose first three games came against the New York Yankees, the Frankford Yellow Jackets, and the Dayton Triangles.

After 1928, the Steam Roller was never the same. Key players departed for pursuits in wrestling, insurance, and coaching football.

Wikipedia claims the lack of interest coupled with the debilitating effects of the great depression caused the owners of the team to turn it over to the NFL.

The Providence Huskies,  a ‘successor’ to the Steam Roller (after it’s demise) went undefeated in 1933 and is the only pro football team to ever not allow a single point scored by an opponent during an entire season.

The 1928 Steam Roller perfectly embodied what makes New England special. Enduring challenging circumstances (the great depression), winning (they finished the season as the top team in the country), and beating the Yankees (the Steam Roller played the New York Yankees twice in ’28 and won both times).

Your music video for this post is Pearl Jam’s Sirens . The music video is just them performing the song. Which is one of the reasons I respect Pearl Jam so much. They don’t do pretentious horse-shiz, they just play rock music.

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