QB Lamar Jackson can be great…with the right tutelage.

Posted: February 27, 2018 in Football, New entries, NFL

Many superstar college quarterbacks have come to the NFL and failed to transition to the NFL. Tim Tebow. Johnny Manziel. Jake Locker. Robert Griffin III. Jamarcus Russell. Many of these passers won a Heisman and/or a national championship. Robert Griffin could’ve probably been an Olympic sprinter out of college if he had set his sights on track instead of football. These are not unmotivated, lazy, college kids. They are some of the world’s most accomplished athletes, and they had less success in the NFL than Trevor Siemian.

Lamar Jackson could be described as a dual threat QB. He gained 1,600 yards rushing with eighteen rushing touchdowns. Lamar Jackson completed his junior season with a higher completion percentage and yards per attempt score than the apparently highly-loved Josh Allen out of Wyoming. Most NFL writers are grading Jackson as a low first/high second round passer because what he does well does not translate to the NFL..?

If Josh Allen is in play for the first overall pick, as Mike Mayock has suggested, Lamar Jackson warrants a top ten selection at the worst. Jackson played stiff competition in 2017, and while he didn’t always win against top-tier competition he’s steadily improved throughout his college career. Jackson will benefit from an offensive coordinator who can structure offenses around non-traditional passers. Mike McCoy legendarily led Denver to a win IN Pittsburgh against Pittsburgh in the playoffs with Timothy Richard Tebow as QB1. The Cardinals have a gaping hole at the QB position and should be in position to draft Jackson at the fifteen overall position. The Cardinals QB coach, Byron Leftwich has received high praise with head coaching vacancy mentions in the past two seasons.

Jackson shouldn’t switch to wide receiver, he should play the position that he won a Heisman playing. But he’s going to need a coaching staff with mentors that will guide him to be successful in ways that so many have failed to do before him.


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