Positive Affirmations and Power Statements with new Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel

Posted: March 18, 2018 in Football, New entries, NFL

While I am not a Titans fan, I loved listening to Vrabel’s press conference and how he fielded some of the nonsense questions head coaches get asked every season. If his career as an NFL coach does not work out, he clearly has a future as a life coach and/or motivational speaker. Vrabel said a lot of “the right things” during the press conference some of which I’ve included here. I recommend drinking an energy drink whilst chest bumping your bro before an intense workout while watching the video posted at the bottom. Especially if you are a Titans fan.

On who will make the final roster

“(We want) The right 53, not the best 53.”

“When you talk about discipline. When you’re disciplined you take advantage of the other team’s mistakes.”

On the importance of Mike’s relationship with Titans GM Jon Robinson

“Jon and I’s relationship is going to set the standard for the entire organization. The most critical relationship in the building.”

On working with Marcus Mariota

“We’re going to get him to play with confidence. Get him to play energetic.”

“They’re going to trust me to hire the right (coaches) for Marcus.”

On Mike’s role in play calling

“I’m the head coach. I can call whatever play I want. If I say we’re going to block a punt, we’re going to block a punt.”

Mike on general coaching expectations and responsibilities

“I’m going to accept responsibility, give credit, and be decisive.”

“I’m going to make mistakes. I’m not going to make too many of them. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.”

“I’ve always wanted my kids to be in good locker rooms. I’ve wanted them to see what good players look like. But better husbands, better fathers, and better teammates. It’s important to me that we get great guys in here.”

“Part of a (being a) leader is when you see something that’s not right, you say something.”

On hiring coaches with experience

“The right experience is important. I want the right guys who have been through some battles that are loyal.”

On mentoring players in the locker room

“I will have been every single one of those players in those seats. I was the rookie who wasn’t developing as fast as the coach would’ve liked. I was the team leader. I was the aging veteran.”

“Having a relationship with your players doesn’t mean being best friends with them. It means caring about them. Telling them the truth. Being honest.”

“The only reason I’m in this profession, after winning, is to develop players. There is no other reason I would coach other than to win is to watch a player improve, develop and go out there and have success.”

“I didn’t start a game for four years in Pittsburgh. Just keep getting better, keep grinding. Every day improve your worth, improve your value… And good things will happen.” 


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