How I would fix the Jets

Posted: October 5, 2019 in Football, New entries, NFL

The New York Jets have been the last place team in the AFC East for three years running (16, 17, 18). They are last place in the AFC East right now. Their starting QB is out with Mono (confused emoji). And they don’t look overly intimidating on offense with Sam Darnold in the lineup. The Jets actually have a sound group of talent on defense and some bright spots on offense. New Jets GM Joe Douglas still has a substantial task ahead of him if he doesn’t want to watch the playoffs from home for 2020 and beyond. Drawing inspiration from the success of the Patriots, Rams and certain College programs, I would recommend the following changes, listed in order of most to least important.

  1. Get a real head coach – Adam Gase does some things well as a coach, but he ended his time in Miami with a losing record, and that trajectory is not looking to change for the Jets either. I appreciate what Lincoln Riley (OU), Chris Peterson (UW), Mike McCarthy have done for their programs and see them as top candidates for an NFL head coaching job. An eagles coach who is familiar with Joe Douglas like Eagles OC Mike Groh or Eagles RB coach/Assistant head coach Duce Staley could also work with Douglas simply because the two would be on the same page. Staley and Groh have been recently promoted for their valuable contributions in Philadelphia.
  2. Acquire Y.A.C. players – Get offensive weapons who have a low drop rate and even better if they create yards after contact. Le’Veon Bell performs well in this role, the Jets could use more players like him. Washington’s Chris Thompson or Chicago’s Tarik Cohen who aren’t seeing much use may be available this offseason.
  3. Get a legit backup QB/Competition for Darnold – This is easier said than done. A short list of Robert Griffin III, Tyrod Taylor, or Ryan Tannehill may be available via trade for a mid/late round pick. The 2017 Eagles (Nick Foles won a SuperBowl) and Vikings (Case Keenum led team deep into playoffs as 3rd string QB) showed the importance of quality backup QBs. The Seahawks paid their “guy” Matt Flynn but still drafted Russell Wilson in the third round to give themselves more chances to get the franchise guy. It worked out for them. Darnold may or may not work out long term, but having too many starting QBs is a problem much easier to solve than having too much depth elsewhere and no answer at QB.
  4. Run a quick-release offense – Stemming from #2, until the Jets can get a Quarterback that can accurately throw downfield, a quick passing game will minimize the QB’s (Darnold, Falk, Siemian) weakness.  The Jets already run a short passing game similar to this. This doesn’t work for every team, but the Jets offensive line is struggling right now. And unless they can get five average or better players on the offensive line they can copy a pretty successful offense that minimizes poor pass protection.
  5. Build through the draft – It’s not ALWAYS correct to trade down in the draft or to trade current players for draft picks, but the draft is a great opportunity to find low-cost, underrated starters/role players. Great scouting teams like the Patriots and Seahawks often whiff on early picks (Rashaad Penny, Dominique Easley). That’s part of the process. Often those draft picks become essential assets for their franchise though.


Free agent fits – WR – Penny Hart, Dez Bryant, Bruce Ellington

TE – Antonio Gates, Luke Willson

RB – Jacquizz Rodgers, Alex Collins

OL – Antonio Garcia, Stefen Wisniewski

Trade candidates – TE Vernon Davis(final year of contract), RB Chris Thompson(final year of contract), RB Tarik Cohen, WR Trey Quinn, WR Emmanuel Sanders(final year), AJ Green (during offseason), WR Trent Taylor, WR Rashard Higgins(Final year)

That’s all I have. Here’s a new song I discovered that I enjoy:


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