Future Freezing Cold Takes

Posted: November 2, 2019 in Football, New entries, NFL

Who did Jalen Hurts piss off?

Hurts is trending to beat Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield’s stat production in their final seasons at Oklahoma. He’s dominating in completion percentage (73.9), QBR (94.6), YPA (13.7). LSU’s Burrow and Alabama’s Tagovailoa have earned their stripes and deserve to be mentioned as top QB prospects. Hurts’ resume is AT LEAST as impressive as Kyler Murray’s (More starts, taller, just as athletic, one elite season at OU) and Murray was the top draft pick and top actual QB of the ’19 class. I’ve been wrong plenty of times before, so I’ll gladly call myself an idiot if Hurts doesn’t become a franchise caliber passer, but he seems to have all the credentials for the job. I don’t see why Hurts isn’t showing up in NFL mock drafts as a potential first rounder, I can’t see how he’s any worse than the third best QB in the draft.

The Eagles are trying to prove the NFC East sucks by winning it with an 8-8 record

That’s it. That’s the whole take.

Dak’s just a businessman doing business, man.

If the Cowboys don’t pony up the cash for Dak Prescott, some team like the Buccaneers or the Bears will pay him ALL THE MONEY he wants. I can appreciate not signing Elliott to a big contract will frustrate fans and selling tickets is a big part of running a business, but if Dallas doesn’t find a way to somehow pay Dak they better be real confident they can draft the heir apparent QB in ’20.

Jacksonville needs to live it up, go all in on the Minshew Train

Gardner Minshew may not end up being as successful as Nick Foles. But Minshew is clicking well in that offense, and he’s being paid pennies on the dollar compared to most other starting quarterbacks. Generally speaking, teams that won a Superbowl in the last 20 years either had Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or a QB on a rookie deal (Wilson, Roethlisberger, Flacco, Wentz). The Jaguars are not that far away from competing in a GAPING WIDE OPEN AFC South. Free agent names like Chris Harris from Denver or Andrew Whitworth from LA could help Jacksonville compete right away in 2020, especially if Dave Caldwell finds a trade partner for Nick Foles and his contract. Jacksonville’s receiving corps with DJ Chark and Chris Conley are really standing out with Minshew throwing the ball. Fournette is averaging five yards a carry this year (after a career worst season in ’18). This team has core pieces in place to compete in the playoffs for years to come.


usc oregon


That’s all I got. I read in Ian O’Connor’s Belichick that Bill Parcells had Lawrence Taylor have a “practice fight” with another giants offensive lineman to get ready for their Superbowl against Buffalo. So maybe just have practice fights with people to get yourself in the mood before a job interview, date, whatever your ‘Dragon’ is. I think that’s what I’m supposed to take away from that. I mean, it worked for Lawrence Taylor (?)

This Captain Sinbad guy is GOLD

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